History of Poker

It has therefore been opined that the history of Poker was a combination of the elements of various games. The earliest reference to the game of Poker was in 1834, according to Jonathan Green in what he called it the cheating game and was played on the Mississippi riverboats. This was a game played by people between 2 and four persons who played with 20 cards. It was quite popular, possibly the most popular cheating game within the Mississippi riverboats area.

History of Poker

It is therefore most likely that Poker originated from the cardsharps. “Poke,” was an underworld slang that was used by pickpockets. To relieve the sucker from his poke, the word Poker might have been used. This is also in dispute. Many dictionaries as well as game historians claim that, “poque” was the origin of Poker. Others have linked Poker to pochspiel, a popular German game. The word hocus-pocus has also been traced as an origin of the word Poker. It is clear though that the game of Poker, prior to involving the modern day deck of 52, had earlier evolved to 32 cards from 20.

The possible connection has been drawn between the word “poke” originating from the word that was popular amongst magicians, “hocus-pocus.” Prior to Poker being played in casinos and cardrooms as it is today, it was a game that was enjoyed in saloons during the Wild West period of American History. Now Poker is under the regulations of gambling laws and is the most popular card game in the world with variants such as Multi-Hand 3 Card Poker Gold and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold.


There is also a tournament every fortnight somewhere in the world. The greatest Poker tournament is the annual World Series of Poker where players all over the world test their wits and skills whilst competing for titles and money as the World’s Best Poker Player.